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Sky Track - people and object Satellite Positionig System

Sky Track

Sky Track device is designed for remote position monitoring of people or moving objects, using the GSM services and the Global Positioning System (GPS).

It allows you to locate the position of the device user or any other object, with an accuracy of 3 meters via SMS messages. The sky Track device is equipped with a sensitive GPS receiver and an industrial grade GSM/GPRS module.

Sky Track provides the following functions:

  • Readout of the current position of the device
  • Readout of the event log via e-mail
  • Geofence function
  • Automatic reporting
  • Locating in real time
  • CLIP function
  • Support for the CLIP service

Technical data:

  • Power supply: internal LiPO battery 1750mAh
  • Dimensions: 57mm x 26mm x 90mm
  • Waga: 200g
  • GPS positioning accuracy: +/- 3m
  • Operating time: minimum 48 hours - with default settings

Additional materials:

Data Sheet (JPG)