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PEP - Passive Energy Protector

Passive Energy Protector device is used for inductive reactive power compensation in three-phase electric circuits. The PEP device also suppresses higher voltage harmonics, introduced into the network by different types of electricity receivers. Passive Energy Protector can be used with all types of electricity receivers.

This implemented measuring system and microcontroller allow to test the network performance in real time, making it possible to precisely control the operation of the device. Moreover, the user is able to read the network parameters on the LCD display.

The PEP device consists of individually selected capacitors, high-end microprocessor controller and precise measurement system. The unit uses a number of technological solutions to ensure the highest efficiency.

The PEP device measures the following parameters for each phase:

  • voltage
  • current
  • active power
  • reactive power
  • power factor

The driver settings enable optimum adjustment for a particular electrical circuit. Additionally, the Passive Energy Protector device can be optionally equipped with a GPRS modem, which allows the user to monitor the performance of the circuit via the internet, from anywhere in the world. As the device manufacturer, Binary Helix S.A.provides to its clients a dedicated website service.

Benefits of using the Passive Energy Protector device:

  • reducing bills for inductive reactive power
  • remote monitoring of electrical circuits
  • voltage harmonics filtering
  • increasing the efficiency of electrical equipment
  • noise filtering in grid
  • improving the power factor

Series of types:

  • 2,5kVar
  • 5kVar
  • 7,5kVar
  • 10kVar
  • 12,5kVar
  • 15kVar
  • 20kVar
  • 25kVar
  • 30kVar
  • other on special request

Technical data:

  • operating voltage (interfacial): 400V-415V AC
  • frequency of the mains voltage: 50Hz
  • dimensions: 415x330x140mm (single section version)
  • dimensions: 630x330x180mm (three secion version)

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