About the Company:

Binary Helix S.A. is engaged in designing and manufacturing high technology products.

We design, manufacture and implement comprehensive solutions for telemetry, monitoring buildings and vehicles and control systems known "Intelligent House".

We are a manufacturer of equipment designed to locate vehicles, people and goods. We offer excellent quality and cheap, complex fleet and people resources management systems. Our products are the latest developments in the field of satellite positioning. Unique features of our devices, as well as robust housing with a distinctive design is our distinguishing on the market.

Our products have easy-to-read displays, indicating the status of devices. reduktor

We also design and implement dedicated systems on behalf of our clients.

Binary Helix S.A. is also a designer and manufacturer of unique rotating display - ROTOSS. Rotoss is a hi-tech POV display, used for presentation of advertising and multimedia content. Available in two types, as a unique solution for bikes and as the wall-mounted billboard device.

We invite you to see the video presentation of all mentioned devices.

Great abilities, ease of use, as well as reliability are the main features of our devices.

The highest quality of our products is guaranteed by three-year door-to-door warranty.

Our 24h service team can be helpful at any time in configuring, programming, or monitoring devices.

Binary Helix S.A. is the part of Satus Investment Fund, headquartered in Cracow.

We invite Your cooperation!