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MediaCommunicator Basic+ - Mind House Controller

Media Communicator Basic + (MC Basic+) is a modern industrial controller with many uses, designed for small and medium-sized solutions. Intended both to domestic applications (alarm systems and intelligent building systems), as well as purely industrial applications (monitoring of production processes or environmental conditions).

Main advantages:

  • embedded GSM / GPRS modem, which enables complete controlling of the device via the GSM cellular network. The user has an access to all device operating parameters from anywhere in the world, either via SMS messages or via GPRSsystem
  • local configuration via miniUSB connector
  • LCD display allows easy and efficient reading of the various operating parameters of the specific device
  • management application allows to configure the device parameters by a simple-to-use wizard. There's also an advanced mode available, which allows to define the settings for the controller, by using the ladder language (LD)
  • RS485 communication interface enables to work in the industrial MODBUS networks

The functionality of the MCB+ device can be easily expanded with an external control panel, and the LAN/WLAN module.

Example of applications:

  • alarm systems
  • mind house systems
  • small scale industrial data acquisition systems
  • remote monitoring of industrial processes
  • air conditioning control

Technical data:

  • power supply - 12V / 24V DC
  • 8 digital inputs/li>
  • 8 analog inputs
  • 6 relay outputs
  • 8 Open Collector outputs
  • GSM/GPRS modem embedded
  • optional WiFi/LAN module
  • USB connector
  • RS485 interface

Additional materials:

Data Sheet (JPG)
Presentation of the MCB+ application menu on the Ipad